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NCRi Solutions is a subsidiary of NCRI Group of companies headquartered in Canada.

We are one of the pioneers in establishing extensive solutions for business needs globally. With more than 6 decades of combined experience; our founding members are dedicated to your business and professional future.

Collectively, our knowledge will help your business by providing abundant resources and organizational tenacity through financial crisis and market crunch.

NCRi Solutions supports business management in hospitality, banking, automotive, e-commerce, and healthcare. We provide third-party services to expand businesses around the world by saving costs and time

Why Choose NCRI

Our clients rely on our confidentiality, experience and professional techniques such as omni-channel channel contact centers, excellence in customer service and lead generation.

NCRi Solutions continuously commissions world-class arrangements and services to bring ease and convenience to our clients. We ceaselessly invest in resources to manage bespoke solutions to meet client expectations confirming high standards of outsourcing. 



Cost Saving 

Multilingual Staff

Reduced in-house costs

Access to global talent

Compliant and competitive edge to global markets

Credible Cyber Security

Business Process

Our services

In today’s world of emerging digital technologies and business models, the need to re-invent business processes is more paramount than ever

NCRi Solutions business model is one that revolves around the customer and is driven by intelligence and experience to deliver exceptional results. With abrasive competition all around, assistance has become exceedingly vital with Business Process Outsourcing. NCRi Solutions’ BPO services provide you with elastic support to operate and part it on the scale based on excellence.

Why choose NCRi



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Years of Owning & operating contact centers

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Years of combined senior BPO & CX management experience

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Years of combined multinational consulting experience

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Member in-house software development team

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State-of-the-art centers fully equipped for multichannel customer support

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Associates across North America, South America, Europe & Asia

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North America

6285 Northam Dr. Suite 400 Mississauga, Ontario, L4V-1X5, Canada

Latin America

Bogota Porto 100 Building Av. Cra. 45 #97-50 6th Floor, Bogotá, Colombia

Middle East

Al Baker Tower 5, Flat # 702, Al Khan Corniche Street, Al Tawan Area, P O Box # 84041, Sharjah, UAE

South Asia

Plot 266 B, Street #9, Sector I-9/3, Industrial Area, Islamabad,

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