A Dummy’s Guide to Manage a Millennial Workforce

‘’Mutatio’’ the Latin word for change, remains to be the only constant in this expeditious, hasty, and rather bustling world we all inhabit. It is no longer simple nor is it black and white. We don’t judge a fish on its ability to fly. We practice empathy and aim for productive and plausible solutions.
All of us are as smart as our phones. Then why is it that nearly 8.5% of the world’s population suffers from depression and stress? Simply put, because our systems at home and work fail to be conducive to how we function best! We have evolved as people but our systems remain to only serve the boomer mentality leading to utter chaos! Can this be fixed? Absolutely! A little bit of abracadabra and a lot of epistemic logic might lead us to the perfect potion that will ease our lives and make a fun and positive environment for the millennial workforce.

Bidding farewell to the obsolete workforce leadership styles

Speaking of logic, progression, plausible solutions, and smartphones, how one cannot mention Millennials? The generation of change, defying age-old norms, climate change, avocado toast, lost dreams of owning a home, and above all the one who has evolved the work environment: The Millennials, who currently make over 66% of the total world’s workforce which is likely to become 75% by the year 2025.
This daunting stat makes us wonder, how we continue with obsolete ways of workforce leadership such as carrot & stick, clock-in & clock-out, my way or the highway, the boss is always right and worst of all ‘’they that are bound must obey’’. Well, we chuck the antediluvian styles of governance out and introduce best practices to extract the most productivity out of the millennial workforce.

A Zen, Zealous, and Zesty Culture

Invest not just in the latest technology but a millennial workforce work culture that values creating a purpose and meaning for each employee. Millennials are a passionate generation that will invest sincere efforts and pour their heart into their jobs as long as their workspace values creativity and talent.
This lot has a strong desire to touch the stars, they are devoted to achieving things and attaining self-actualization, do not reduce them to an eight hours time- slot, rather create a work culture that is aligned with their goals, and then, let them be. You will be surprised by what they accomplish!
‘’I have Google Maps, See you at the Destination!’’
Be a mentor, not a boss or ‘’line manager’’. Millennials need inspiration NOT managers. Give them a vision & mission and they will get to work like a 1 year old ready for some serious cake smash. Managing millennials and gen z can be a task! Incorporate a healthy feedback weekly session/ discussion to check up on their progress and chip in with guidance and mentorship along the way! Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs was never more relevant, millennials crave peer and mentor recognition, so go generous with appreciation and acknowledgment.
The main reason why they aim for efficient solutions is so they are dumped with public appreciation. No surprise that a generation that spends an average of three hours on social media craves positive attention.

In the Grand Scheme of Events

Carve out a career path for your members, in the era of excessive graphics and visions, millennials need to envision their next role and ultimately the upward journey in a given workplace. If you have not yet devised a career progression plan then wait no more because you will lose good talent simply because you could not see yourself as part of a larger plan. Share how the Company has progressed because of their contribution and see the attrition rate lower than ever.

Woke & Lit!

A generation that grew up with progressive parenting styles and encouraging educationists that brought in a diverse range of academics suited to each child’s strengths, millennials believe they can do anything they put their heart and mind to, they trust in their strength and individuality. Moreover, they feel there is specific expertise each individual is excellent at and so they never shy away from seeking help from their peers. This is precisely why they are exceptional at teamwork.
They form deep-rooted friendships at the workplace, compete with themselves rather than indulge in politics, and believe in tolerance and inclusive inclusivity so invest in your core values, and amplify the Company’s vision and mission statement because yes, they are important and they make a difference and no, it is not a waste of time.

With AI & BI, We Can Touch the Sky

Millennials believe in working smart because they are tech-savvy. They learn new skills to enhance efficiency and their phones and devices are important to them. Barring them from using technology at the workplace will demotivate them and set trust issues.

Positivi- TEA!

All in all, this generation will value their work if the culture in office space is positive, liberating, and conducive to productivity. They should be trusted with responsibility and they will not disappoint you. Each individual has a unique style of work, different productive hours and so standardization will lead to disaster. Managing the millennial workforce and incorporating their work styles should be a priority while making policies in an organization.
In times when ‘’ the great resignation’’ has taken the internet by storm and productivity maximization is what every company owner is aiming for, we need to understand the demography of our workforce more than ever. We no longer come together to push electric cars when it stops in the middle of the road, helpers now help by navigating an alternative route to cars stuck behind troubled vehicles. So why not adapt to leadership styles that will bring a change? Why not indulge in workplace experiments and use AI and Power BI to extract data that records change? Why not become a mentor instead of a boss? Just a few questions that require your answer.
‘’Mutatio’’ before it is too late.

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