NCRi offers a full suite of accounts receivable management to decrease receivables, improve costs and deliver quality customer interactions. 

  • Payment Reminders: Whether via email, text or voice, NCRi’s omnichannel services revolve around your customer. NCRi can deliver payment reminders to your customers to ensure timely payments. Whether prior to the bill date or immediately following the due date, these friendly reminders will expedite payment before receivables become past due. 
  • First Party Collections: Let us manage your delinquencies from Day 1. We have the expertise in training and deploying AR agents, leveraging multiple channels to reach your customer and reduce delinquencies. We offer consultation on customer scripts, timing and strategy for each customer interaction, and robust data reporting to optimize your collection strategy. Our customer-centric approach ensures that payment and customer experience go hand in hand.  
  • Third Party Collections: Post charge-off, NCRi is a fully-licensed collection agency that will effectively reduce write offs. Leveraging multiple channels, we can effectively improve your collection results by reaching your customers when others can’t. Our data analysis can provide insights how to reduce write-offs. 
  • Legal: NCRi has the resources to act quickly where a lawyer or paralegal is required. NCRi has invested in full-time lawyers, paralegal staff and legal operations management, and also offers litigation on contingency where remuneration is based on monies collected.
Account Recieveables Management

“Our team recognizes the skills of NCRi as an instrumental partner in performance. NCRi has consistently surpassed others that we used.”

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