Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data-Driven Transformation

Business intelligence has become the core of every business we offer the best analytic solutions to create reliable data analysis and reporting to further scale your business growth

With NCRi’s data analytics expertise, coupled with experience, we enable our clients to make more informed decisions. Any data available in bulk can be visualised which helps our expert analysts predict trends that can be represented in analytics. This kind of data-driven transformation can be used in a variety of business processes like financials, supply chain, marketing and sales etc. Our expert data analysts with extensive experience in Analytics and Business Intelligence apply statistical modelling, data wrangling, and data analytics. Processes are designed and implemented to auto collect the data from different sources including web, SEC documents, and public data APIs to minimise the human effort in the ETL process.

Our data specialists use SSIS, Power Query and Data flows to integrate data from multiple sources into data warehouses. Regular data audits are conducted to maintain the data integrity. We have a track record of collecting, analysing data, monitoring trends, correlations, and patterns in raw data and most importantly visualising it in a way that looks aesthetically good and comprehensible for business users.

Business Analytics

Predictive Reporting


Turning Opportunity Into Value

Enabled to Empower You

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence experts managing analytics and predictive reporting.

Experienced Workforce

Experienced Workforce

Highly Qualified and experienced workforce to fulfill client expectations in no time.

In-house Psychologists

In-house Psychologists

In-house Psychologists to design strategies and improve performance.

Achieve Better Performance Through Analytics-driven Transformations

AI - Data Analytics

Artifical Intellegience

AI and data strategies to drive future outcomes via enterprise-level data integration and data transformation solutions.

Minimising Risks - Data Analytics

Minimizing Risk

Minimizing business risks for clients through data analytics and predictive reporting for more informed decision-making.

Data Cleansing - Data Analytics

Data Cleansing

We practise data wrangling to cleanse and unify messy and complex data sets for easy access and analysis for our clients.

Data Management - Data Analytics

Data Management

NCRI executes a wide variety of data processing designs for its clients to transform raw data in granular formations.

Drive Revenue and Performance - Data Analytics

Drive Revenue and Performance

Our data analysts help identify gaps in the processes and suggest necessary actions to eliminate them.

Efficiency and Accuracy - Data Analytics

Efficiency and Accuracy

Reports backed by data instil efficiency and accuracy in operations and processes.


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