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HR Support For A High-Expectation Market

With NCRi; demographics, new talent expectations, alternative work arrangements will not be a challenge anymore.

Along with vigilant background checks we offer talent from around the globe. Demographics, new talent expectations, alternative work arrangements and digital technologies are forcing HR to change how it operates. We provide solutions that help you scale up to meet any challenges and changes that come along the way.

Integrated HR Support services

Talent Acquisition services

Hybrid work arrangements

Digital transformation

Enable to Power You

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence experts managing analytics and predictive reporting.

Experienced Workforce

Experienced Workforce

Highly Qualified and experienced workforce to fulfill client expectations in no time.

In-house Psychologists

In-house Psychologists

In-house Psychologists to design strategies and improve performance.

We Help Clients Unleash Value from Every Aspect of Their Operations

Education Check - HR Support

Background Check

Our talent acquisition team holds at its core to keep background checks such as employment status, address, credit history, education and identity checks before onboarding a new employee.

Sex Offenders Check - HR Support

Sex Offenders Check

This acquaints us with the primary knowledge to know if candidate has has been convicted of a sex offense previously.

Access to Global Talent - HR Support

Access to global Talent

With our presence in more than 4 continents across the globe we help clients gain access to global talent for their companies.

Pool of Talent - HR Support

Pool of talent

our professional recruiters maintain a pool of required resources as a backup at all times. This saves our clients time and energy to go through lengthy processes of recruitment.

Psychometric Assessments - HR Support

Psychometric Assessments

Our in-house organisational psychologists run psychometric tests regarding Emotional intelligence and work life balance before we finally onboard an employee for you.

Competitive Recruiting - HR Support

Competitive Recruiting

We help you recruit the right talent at competitive prices from all over the globe; saving costs.


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