NCRi Solutions ‘s distinctive approach to delivering with immense experience and professionalism remains under the leadership of the most proficient specialists from the market.  We offer banking specialist strategies and practice through a promise of conceptualization, quality management, and implementation.

Our state of the art and leading-edge technology features:

Call monitoring and recording

Data Scrubbing

Secure Data Network

Credit Bureau Reporting

Electronic account placements

Credit Scoring

Account Management System (AMS)

Predictive Dialing Telephone System


Health Care

NCRi Solutions is closely working with the healthcare industry especially the providers who are managing health care in notable areas. We deploy state of the art strategies to recover unrecoverable on behalf of our customers. We have developed and established mechanisms to ensure revenue systems to ensure smooth cash flow. These strategies are tailor made to deal with issues in healthcare and provide a viable solution.


NCRi Solutions has vast experience in resolving rows amicably through negotiation, sophisticated mechanization, and routing communications to maximize recovery ratios, ensuring businesses for transparent and quick returns.


The clients are ensured of legal compliance when it comes to service and the processes.


NCRi Solutions has specialized staff experienced in professional payback systems & collecting educational loans effectively. We cover targets worldwide by commissioning resources and debt value to ensure procedural outcomes.


NCRi Solutions is prides itself to operate globally with a reach to one-third of the world's countries. We guarantee secure outcomes by overcoming challenges, with a wide range of strategies suitable to the hour of the need for our clients.


Probate recovery is most certainly the most challenging of the receivables management. Our team is acquainted to deal with such sensitive situations with empathy. We extensively design mechanisms when it comes to results whilst being sensitive to the situation we find ourselves in.


Our clients pursue claims through our global litigation services. We manage your account receivables with credible success through negotiations on a contingency basis.


NCRi Solutions provides solutions to credit insolvency and manage returns on account receivables using formal processes devised to implement the strategy.

Litigation Counseling

Our in-house litigation team consists of specialists with years of experience carrying a result-focused approach for the recovery of national and international claims with pre-legal options.

Other services