Many businesses invest their resources and energy in activities that are not core to the business. Hence they choose to outsource to companies that may carry on with such operations. Delegating mundane tasks that are time-consuming saves business time, and energy which can be directed: at core tasks only. At NCRi Solutions, we offer the followings Back Office Support (BOS) :


Back office support sERVICES

Financial Services

Years of experience have made NCRi Solutions a name of trust when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing. We provide proactive insights and customized financial reports through third party software. We provide recommendations and insights on controls by managing financial reports for your business.

We provide an ultimate accounting solutions to suit your business. Our team consists of bookkeeping professionals, accounting software specialists, and manager controllers for your enterprise accounts.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting Services
  • Payrolls
  • Financial Analysis and Reports
  • Tax Preparation

Data Entry

The current age is known as the age of data. Data entry is the need for processing businesses to manage them in this digital age. Modern management of business requires services that are affordable, efficient, and swift.  NCRi Solutions makes sure that the data is confidential.

Our team at NCRI Solutions ethically serves clients all over the world with integrity. We offer solutions that cover the following data services:

  • Data Entry Operations
  • Online Catalog Management
  • Online Data Mining
  • Indexing and Archiving Services.

Talent & HR Workforce

To reduce the non-core cost and time on acquisition and training.  Practically most HR professionals outsource HR services. The time and cost efficiencies result in opportunity costs to the managers and the business owners who otherwise lose time and energy on other HR tasks that may focus on activities that are core to business function. NCRI Solutions offers specialized HR services that result in increased client efficiency by bringing the workforce that spirits the right man for the right job.  Clients outsource HR services to NCRI Solutions for business owners to stay in route with their more important goal of growth, profit, and acquiring a workforce that adds value to the employers.

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Employee and HR services
  • Talent Development



Billing consumers for the services is a tough job. Many businesses are prone to errors and omissions when it comes to preparing invoices. We help businesses by finding precise routes to bill consumers in the most efficient way, on our client's behalf.

  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Business
  • Education

Other services