All Your Records in One Place - Bookkeeping

Data-Driven Transformation

Bookkeeping is all about recording financial transactions where revenue and expenses are accurately classified. We help you look after accounts receivables/payables and follow up with your overdue accounts

With years of experience in bookkeeping services and data entry outsourcing, NCRi Inc. helps you Drive sustainable growth and saves your team from tedious, monotonous everyday tasks. We provide recommendations and insights on controls by managing financial reports for your business. NCRi Inc. offers bookkeeping solutions that cater to client needs. Our team consists of data entry specialists and bookkeeping professionals to maintain books for your enterprise accounts.

Redicrect Towards Your Core Tasks

Delegate Mundane Tasks

Save Time and Energy

Maximise Efficiency

Enabled to Empower You

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence experts managing analytics and predictive reporting.

Experienced Workforce

Experienced Workforce

Highly Qualified and experienced workforce to fulfill client expectations in no time.

In-house Psychologists

In-house Psychologists

In-house Psychologists to design strategies and improve performance.

Achieve Better Performance Through Analytics-driven transformations

Expense Record - Bookkeeping

Expense Record

Our experts can link expenses to individuals or projects

Sale Record - Bookkeeping

Sale Record

We maintain the information you have on your customers, including but not limited to their contact information, how often they purchase from you, what they purchase and how they pay their bills.

Purchase Record - Bookkeeping

Purchase Record

Our bookkeepers record all clients purchases and their payment status.

Cash Flow Analysis - Bookkeeping

Cash Flow Analysis

Our accounts specialist determines the client's working capital and analysis reports to ensure smooth business operations.

Profit and Loss Statements - Bookkeeping

Profit and Loss Statements

we securely maintain records of revenue and expenses incurred by clients business and generate reports to show progress in time for these records.

Data Entry - Bookkeeping

Data Entry

Record of all financial transactions is obtained and recorded by data entry specialists for our clients.


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