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Our software development team helps clients to meet modern logistics requirements by creating easy-to-use logistics management software, and supply chain management applications.

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Digital consumers have shifted the logistics industry into an era of high expectations and complexity. It requires fast, seamless, unhindered solutions, and that is exactly what NCRi Inc delivers. We continuously commission world-class arrangements and services to bring ease and convenience to our partners. We ceaselessly invest in resources to manage bespoke solutions to meet client expectations confirming high standards of outsourcing.

Delivering Fast-Paced - Logistics - Industry


The daily KPI reporting tool - Logistics

The Daily KPI Reporting Tool

These tools offer everything that a business needs to monitor and gauge metrics. The employees as the first stage of record are required to insert data on daily basis. The data can be punched in from different departments/branches/franchises and offices of a business. Data from all the departments/branches/franchises and offices is compiled for analysis

Logistic MIS - Logistic

Logistic MIS

The logistic management information system is an application used for logistic control and management within a business, warehouse, or manufacturing institution. The application reflects on the process of logistics from the origin to the point of consumption. This MIS acts as part of a supply chain management system that plans and controls the storage of goods, items, and crucial information about the flow of goods.

Services We Offer

Accounts Receiveable-Management

Account Receivables

Customer Services & Support | Debt Recovery | Inbound Call Centre | Outbound Call Centre | Remedial*

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Inbound Calls | Multiple touchpoints | Call Recording | Outbound Calls | Quality Assurance | B2B and B2C portfolios | complaint resolution | customer surveys

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Software Development

Software Development

Big Data & Advanced Analytics | IT strategy consulting | Comprehensive technology roadmaps | Application Development | Management Information Systems | SAP ERP Software

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IT Enabled Services

IT Enabled Services

Desk Side Support | Virus Protection and Removal | Mobile Applications | Software Installation | Email & Network Configuration

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HR Support

HR Support

Employment Status, address, sex offender, education check | Talent Acquisition | Income Verification | Credit History check

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Financial Analytics | Asset Analytics | Supply Chain Analytics | Customer Analytics | Predictive Reporting | Marketing and Sales Analytics

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Data Entry - Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping & Data Entry

Bank Statements | Sale and Purchase Record | Profit and Loss Statements | Data Entry | Expense Record

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NCRi is a team of people striving for excellence who swiftly adapt to the environment's challenges by responding to the ever-changing business needs of the world.

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We strive to establish an environment where anyone can come up with an incredible idea, an inspirational thought, and a unique solution to a common problem.

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We elevate, train, and angle teams to suit your growth needs, at dynamic offshore, nearshore, and onshore locations around the globe.

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Customer Centricity

Our aim is not just to meet our customer’s expectations but to exceed them.


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