IT Resource Outsourcing

Power of IT Resource Outsourcing - IT Resource Outsourcing

Unleashing the Power of IT Resource Outsourcing

Through data-driven candidate profiling, we raise the bar for hiring decisions and optimise outcomes. Partner with our experienced team to leverage the best software engineers, developers, and executives for quality IT talent that offers custom software services at a lower cost.

Maximise the potential of your IT projects with NCRI, we are a leading IT resource outsourcing provider with a diverse portfolio of IT experts and software developers. We help you find the best IT resources for your projects. NCRI works with companies as large as Fortune 500, SMEs, and startups worldwide and is committed to finding the right fit for your business needs. Our dedication to identifying the most suitable solutions for your business requirements has earned us a distinguished reputation for delivering top-tier IT staff augmentation and IT enabled services.

IT Talent Acquisition

Seamless Hiring

Eliminating the stress of talent acquisition with a stress-free and time-efficient hiring process.

IT Experts

Expert IT talent, including software developers, engineers, and integrators having a deep understanding of complex programming systems and processes.

Smart Hiring

Optimize the hiring process by reducing costs while also maximizing the value of the talent acquired

Enabled to Empower You

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence experts managing analytics and predictive reporting.

Experienced Workforce

Experienced Workforce

Highly Qualified and experienced workforce to fulfill client expectations in no time.

In-house Psychologists

In-house Psychologists

In-house Psychologists to design strategies and improve performance.

Acquiring Elite IT Talent to Fuel Your B2B Business Success

Candidate Verification Checks

Conducting deeper directed referencing, psychological assessments, and extensive checks on education and experience.

Talent Pool

Skilled hiring managers always keep a pool of reserve resources as a backup, sparing clients the time and energy of enduring lengthy hiring processes.

Skilled Professionals

13+ years' experience in identifying top IT talent for diverse projects; from QA professionals to engineering managers and application developers.

Dedicated Hiring Managers

One-stop shop for all your staffing needs! Our skilled hiring managers help you find the perfect candidate for your business.

Work in Canada

Helping Canadian employers outsource IT resources for on-the-fly team additions.

Psychometric Assessments

In-house psychological testing for emotional intelligence and work-life balance while screening potential candidates.


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