Best practices and tools for QA in a call center

What Does The Term QA imply?

With the rising importance of Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT), BPOs have shifted their attention towards excellent quality assurance both to customers and clients.

So what exactly does the quality assurance department do? Their actions help business-customer interaction to become seamless. Since every department in an organization can benefit from quality assurance, it is contact centers and calls centers that benefit the most. They have the most direct interactions with customers. Thus, quality assurance helps boost the overall customer satisfaction scores.

Essentially, call center quality assurance is the process of observing and analyzing an agent’s call to a customer. It involves inspecting the quality of the call and reconciling it with the overall customer expectations.

It is one of the most reliable and effective ways to ensure the overall improvements in customer service which eventually forms a part of the customer experience.

Quality assurance does not only maintain Quality standards but is more focused on Compliance Adherence, boosting Customer Experience, and avoiding Churn. Let’s have a closer look at the QA practices in a contact center and the call center quality assurance software in use.

Some Of The Best Quality Assurance Metrics In Call Centers

If the agent’s focus is to wrap up the call the minute it starts, it’s going to be a disaster. Enabling agents to prepare themselves before they take the next customer, helps them stay focused. “What you desire is what you achieve” If the agent is thinking about providing excellent services with a great customer experience he will surely design a way to achieve that.

Enhancing Product knowledge

Never ask someone to drive until he knows how to drive. It’s obvious if someone starts handling customer concerns and requests without knowledge it is going to be havoc. Believe it or not, customers can immediately identify if the attending agent is updated on what the customer is asking or if he is just a newbie.

Capacity building of Omni channel agents ensures spot-on responses, engaged customers during an interaction, and satisfied customers. Quality assurance tools ensure that these key metrics are achieved.

Calibrations & Self-Assessment

Once a week, an amount of time should be set aside for representatives to assess their respective calls. They need to pay attention to their calls and assess their results in terms of client happiness and service quality. This will enable them to learn from their own mistakes and improve communication and service skills.

Measuring Call Quality Metrics

By monitoring the service agents during the process, the call center quality metrics automatically improve. Measuring call quality metrics is a crucial aspect of quality assurance in this industry and it is one of the key call center quality assurance tools. Through precise assessment improvements and checks can be made with great ease. Tracking the key metrics enhances the quality, clearing out any drawbacks or negative feedback on the service being provided by the agents.

Some useful tips and tools on call center QA

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Achieving Strategic Business Outcomes requires technical advancements. Incorporating new and improved Quality Assurance solutions for monitoring helps you to do more in less time. There are multiple choices available to choose what’s best for you.

Putting AI software to work helps you get real-time call transcripts, and delivers a frictionless customer experience, reducing stress for both agents and customers. Call center quality assurance software increases the efficiency and reliability of customer service. 

The best feature of these solutions is one window operation. QA Reps can listen, see transcripts and monitor being on the same window.  These solutions also provide actual illustrations about what to “do” and “not do” in various circumstances. Agents and supervisors can utilize logs to identify best practices. Logs can be maintained in various forms.

Call Snooping

Call snooping is one of the key call center quality assurance tools in use. Snooping is essential, monitoring the agents on call without disturbing them. It can be regarded as catching them in action. Through this process, supervisors can keep a check and listen to the agents without the customer knowing that a third person is present for the purpose of monitoring the call center’s quality assurance.

Call Whispering

In this tool, the supervisor serves as both an advisor and a passive observer. While being on call, the supervisor is conversing with the agent without the customer’s knowledge. Such a QA tactic is used in the event that a particular agent lacks the necessary expertise and requires direction or counsel.

Call Barging

The manager may abruptly enter the call if an agent is unable to handle the customer effectively. The supervisor now fully takes charge of the circumstance and fixes the customer’s problem.

Voice of the Customer

The term “VOC” refers to a customer’s feedback that is used to understand their expectations and experiences working with a company and to find possibilities to improve service delivery. The VOC approach allows customers to evaluate their own experiences. To identify customer wants, expectations, experiences, and potential for service development, VOC uses listening posts (such as phone surveys, email surveys, call monitoring, CRM, social media, and personnel).

One thing all top-tier call centers have in common is the use of VOC listening posts to monitor and enhance customer service and First Call Resolution (FCR).

Quality Assurance experts at NCRI Inc 

NCRI Inc. believes in delivering top quality. Our QA agents consistently monitor the key call center quality assurance metrics, analyze calls through modern QA tools, and ensure that the quality standards are met with perfection. We aim to incorporate new-age technology and advancing tools in our practices to deliver a seamless customer experience.

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