Customer Experience for GEN-Z; can your business keep up?

Customer service can make or break any business. Being available for your customers at all times and delivering seamless CX is absolutely essential for a business to grow and retain customers. To be able to deliver a good customer experience it is important to understand the client you are catering to. When it comes to understanding your customers, it is important to talk about Generation Z, the youngest generation of consumers, because, in a few years, they will be the biggest customer base with the most purchasing power. According to studies, in 2021, GEN-Z already made up 40% of the consumers in North America, with $44 billion of direct buying power. Understanding this demographic and designing customer experience for GEN-Z, according to their expectations is inevitable.

let’s Get to know Generation Z

Let’s understand Generation Z better before we talk about sketching out a CX plan for them. This is a generation raised in a highly digital age and during a recession, they save money and have high expectations when it comes to customer experience. This generation expects a multi-touchpoint CX, they should be able to reach you any time of the day or night they want and expect a quick response. Born between 1996 and 2010s, these young individuals prefer quality and speed. To build brand trust among this generation, a business should have an excellent omnichannel presence; from social media to email.

Things to Keep in Mind When Sketching Out a Plan From The Generation Z Perspective; 


Being the true digital natives, this generation is more tech-savvy compared to all other demographics. They always prefer a digital experience because they are used to using gadgets from a very young age. They have accounts on almost all popular digital platforms and expect you to be present on every platform. An omnichannel and highly personalized customer experience for GEN-Z is critical. To build brand loyalty among GEN-Z, your customer service must be human-centric and digitally up-to-date. 

Always Be Available 

Imagine a generation whose first best friend is YouTube, now keep that in mind before deciding how to delight them as customers. This is a generation with short attention spans, they move on quickly. Therefore, if they are unable to reach you when they want to, it is highly likely that they will move on to the next option they have and forget about you. For a GEN-Z customer, you should be available 24/7 and your response should be quick. As a generation that is always on and always connected they expect the businesses they choose to be always connected also. 

The best way to be able to provide good quality, 24/7 support is to outsource to a CX outsourcing partner that has the means to meet the needs of your high-expectation, fast-paced customer. 

Seamless CX

GEN-Z works flexibly and swiftly, they also expect you to deliver fast and seamless CX. To gain loyalty among this generation it is important that your customer support agents are available round-the-clock, on multiple touch-points like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Email, etc. Your presence on all these channels is important for them to trust you and recommend you to their peers. 

Customer Insights 

When dealing with a customer segment that expects customer-centric CX it is necessary to have a highly individualized customer support strategy. The focus should be directed toward personal interactions. A business that incorporates data analysis as a tool to give comprehensive customer insight, will always be able to provide a better and more customer-centric customer experience. Any up-to-par call center outsourcing company will offer in-depth analysis and help you leverage it to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Proactive Support 

A proactive and driven approach will take you a long way with your new-age customers. Whenever they face an issue, the brand should have a proactive approach to swiftly solving the issue. If this high-expectation client comes to you with a complaint and they do not see a proactive response from you, you will lose business. For a business to be available for communication at all times as well as provide the best in service and products is no easy feat to accomplish but falling behind is not an option; in this case, it is best to partner with an experienced outsourcing partner to ensure a seamless customer-centric CX.

Your Next Step For A Better Customer Experience For Gen-Z

Generation Z is swiftly becoming your most notable consumer base with great potential. This customer base needs to be engaged and a business must work towards creating brand loyalty among them. This is a high-expectation customer, they filter out and move on quickly if you fail to strike their interest. The best course of action for creating a customer experience is to partner with an outsourcing partner that can help you sketch out the perfect plan that will deliver the customer experience for GEN-Z that is expected. 

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